Very Soon I Shall Know by Gregory Woods

Very Soon I Shall Know by Gregory Woods, book cover

Gregory Woods, Very Soon I Shall Know (Nottingham: Shoestring, 2012)

The people in these poems are coping with the extremes of ordinary life. In looking to the past, to exalt or repudiate it, they make and unmake their futures.

Using unrhymed iambic trimeter, Woods plays forty variations on the sonnet's simple progress from octet to sestet. Pared down to its basics, all sinew and bone, the form is efficient and starkly beautiful.

"Freedom from constraint ... is what these poems seek (in their tightly constrained form) ... The tensions of ordinary lives unravel the self in ordinary circumstances, and Woods understands how these can overwhelm" -- Jennifer A. McGowan, The North 51 (Autumn 2013)

"I was half way through this pamphlet by Gregory Woods when I noticed I was trembling slightly. Poems that have this effect on me don’t come along often" -- Helen Evans, Sphinx

"Woods writes about the human body and its appetites better than most poets around today, and the lean, honed nature of these poems makes them the perfect vehicle for that" -- Matt Merritt, Sphinx

This book is available to purchase from Amazon and Shoestring Press.

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